My Story

I established Erika O in 2016 as a boutique winery specifically aimed at producing small batches of hand-crafted, distinctive and terroir specific wines from selected vineyards across the Winelands.

I’ve always maintained that if it excites you and scares you at the same time, it probably means you should do it. Which is why, after many years of making the still wines at Graham Beck, I took a leap of faith; and set out to produce my own range of wines.

It takes an indomitable spirit, an extraordinary vision and a searing passion to create one’s very own brand – it’s an exercise in courage, tenacity, creativity and patience – a true labour of love!

Introducing a brand and wine without a history, an estate or heritage presents a unique challenge. It does however offer the opportunity to explore the wine’s soul, its magical origins and the philosophy that brings all the elements of great winemaking together. Timing is everything. Perseverance is key. That is why I am simply thrilled to invite you to experience Erika O with me.

The Range

This hand-crafted range delivers terroir specific wines of limited quantities where the approach is one of meticulous attention to detail and achieving the utmost in quality. Balance, length and concentration are paramount and every bottle is a journey towards a sense of place and a celebration of a moment in time.



December 2021 marks a significant career milestone as I officially joined the pinnacle of winemaking in South Africa, the Cape Winemakers Guild. I am excited to be a Guild Member and look forward to participating in the Guild’s innovation-driven wine auctions and Protégé Programme.