I strive to capture a true sense of place, whilst authentically expressing the inherent character of the grapes. This hand-crafted range delivers terroir specific wines with captivating flavours, intricacy, superb structure, and outstanding cellaring potential. Erika O is a pint-sized boutique winery, crafting only small batches and offering a very individual product, which mirrors the immense passion, pride and focus.

The wines are refreshing, elegant, beautifully balanced and well suited to food. The intention is to create wines which authentically express South Africa’s unique vineyard sites and exceptional diversity. Consider the Erika O wines as the ultimate ode to the miracle and wonder which is the magnificent South African Winelands.

I have always maintained the following ingredients are essential in the art of crafting a fine wine: true terroir, balance, honesty, and a light touch. They tell a rich and deeply fascinating story of a time, a place and a maker. Please enjoy the wines as much as I relish the extraordinary “soul journey” they have taken me on.

The Range

This hand-crafted range delivers terroir specific wines of limited quantities where the
approach is one of meticulous attention to detail and achieving the utmost in quality.
Balance, length and concentration are paramount and every bottle is a journey towards a
sense of place and a celebration of a moment in time.

The Erika O wines consist of a Sauvignon Blanc, a Syrah·Grenache·Cinsault blend, a Syrah and a
Cabernet Sauvignon which are crafted to give the best expression of the terroir from which
the grapes are sourced. The wines are complex and expressive. They show excellent purity
of fruit and elegance with great texture and structure, as well as having outstanding
cellaring potential.

Flabbergast Cinsault and Meticulous Sauvignon Blanc are crafted to be more accessible and
fruit driven, yet characterized by a good palate weight and complexity with great balance,
harmony, fruit intensity and freshness.